Graphical papers

Our aim is producing high-quality recycling papers. We offer our customers sustainable and tailor-made solutions with impressive quality. We produce a wide range of whitenesses, grammages, and product features adapted to the intended use. Production of all of our graphical products is fully integrated, i.e. from deinking process to reels or sheets.

Coated papers


Our all-rounder among magazine papers is KriebCoat for offset and coldset printing. KriebCoat shows excellent printing results in all of the varieties Coldset, Silk, Bulk or Xtra.


Our Opash is a matt-coated, high-quality recycling paper. Its high whiteness, feel, and excellent runnabilty during printing make our Opash outstanding.


Our sparkling star in the portfolio - Artepa is a 100% recycling product that impresses our customers with its exceptional whiteness and velvety appearance.

Uncoated papers


Uncoated paper for coldset and heatset printing. This 100% recycled-based paper has a high opacity and higher whiteness.

Office paper

Our office paper is ideally suited to all office or school applications. The entire palette of whitenesses is covered.

Offset paper

Our offset paper is a high-quality 100% recycling paper. It covers a wide range of grammages as well as whitenesses.

Highspeed Inkjet

Our high-speed inkjet paper is characterised by best runnabilty and outstanding printing results. It is optimally suited to all processing steps.

Laser paper

Our laser papers are suitable for all high-performance printing systems. They offer excellent runnability and first-class printing results.

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